2D Illustration, concepting and story telling

So I decided to make an ancient civilization called the Forgotten! I will make a General, Lieutenant, and foot soldiers!  

I made some Helmets for these guys. Some will be used and others will be used for something else or maybe not all.

Just mini sketches of swords and shields. 

Here are some shields I thought were usable. I really like the Cold skull shield and Lava shield.

Here is a design I thought of for the low class soldier. They once were human until they were betrayed by a Greek god.I will fill you in on who that god is soon. I wanted to have every member of the forgotten follow a certain design. In their armor you should see a wave design to get you sea sick. 

This is a design for the general of the forgotten. He cant see through his eyes so I decided that his shield would be his eyes. Once you get him away from his shield, he becomes vulnerable. When he gets upset, level two draws spikes from his cold soul.

I Put ice inside the character. Maybe is shows how he is getting ready to burst from anger. He doesn't talk by the way, he just swings his sword while he grunts. I wanted the skin to look look they laid dormant in ice for century's.

           Here is the lieutenant of the Forgotten. 

Here is the commander of the forgotten. This is the grey scale version with a bit of color.  I want him to be bulkier than the others.

So the forgotten civilization needs a home right? Well here is the level layout for the group!

The entrance and bridge design. I drew up little thumbnails of the bridge entrance and what I wanted it to look like.

Here is the painted version of the bridge entrance!

A character for a comic 

So I did a painted version of the character above. 

This was the king who was the original owner of the kingdom before the sea god appeared.

A sketch of a costume for a comic coming out. 

Just custom Grey-scale faces 

A Sketch that I did for AvisionStudios LLC !!! They Loved it!!!

I did some roughs for different swords for AvisionStudios

Don't you just want to pull this lever down!!!

I was asked to come up with a few faces for a middle aged main character who is a warrior . I could also increase the age a few years.  

Working with a team on a animation for Avision Studios. Keep your eyes open for it! :D 

I was in charge of designing and coloring in the pages for the newest comic coming out from Avision Studios LLC! 

This is a bit of a draft sketch and paint of a female warrior in the latest comic. 

There is more to come for this series so hope your ready for the hero of this tale! 

So i designed a greek like character!

A Sketch up of a landscape idea.

New stuff #Viking Pitch

The Mechanical dream Series!

This is a character I'm designing for a comic! His name is Aurik. I'll also show you the creative process from concept to a bit of 3d modeling. 

I decided to make him a little side kick as well, so I thought of this guy!He carries the tools for the blacksmith. As the hero, you have to bring him back to the blacksmith, so you can earn additional weapons and his trust

Here is the z brush version of Aurik! I haven't started the retype process yet but will soon

Here is the main character for the Mechanical dream series or at least the roughs. The doctor made a futuristic hero by adding a little american history to his design. The Year was 5212 is when this takes place 

These are just sketches for the comic your about to see. The cover is in its rough stages. When I get a style to use for the rest of it, I can move forward

So for the main character, I made a sword and gun combination weapon! 

Old concepts
This character is for another comic that I would like to publish some day! I would love for her to be apart of the darksiders game. So I guess its more of a pitch lol


Textures coming soon!


A Sword I designed, it looked cool at the time but its
looking more like a ship
Female Character I designed a while back. At this time I was learning how to paint mixing paint. A friend told me to paint more from life, its a little challenging but Im going to knock it out


  1. I really like some of your 2D work, especially the digital painting like the guy in the hood on your thesis sketch page. Now as far as Violet she seems to be coming along nicely. Kit bashing is nice, but I don't recommend it for character faces, was her head modeled from scratch?

    And WHY is Keanu Reeves a ballerina?

  2. omg this stuff is amazing man :) Good work. Keep at it. You're 3D skills are awesome, I'm working towards THAT :)